Getting Started

Astro Gods RPG is a mobile fantasy game unlike any other, offering a unique game play experience personalized for every player. This game will use an astrological interpretation based on your birth day, birth time and birth location to determine your gladiator’s Power level, Intellect level, and Mood level. Essentially, your gladiator reflects you and depending on the day, the astrological interpretation will also determine which god is helpful to your quest and whether they will make your quest more challenging.

Accumulate XP as you battle in each God’s domain or stay on Earth to fight against other players within the game. Equip your gladiator with premium weapons to improve his or her traits. Overcome the effects of Major negative astrological events by entering The Sanctuary, where you can replenish your trait levels. Or try your luck by asking The Gods for a favor.

Download Astro RPG today and experience mobile game play that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

Sign Up

Sign up to play Astro Gods using your email and password.  Alternatively, you can sign in using Facebook.  The sign up process is super simple.

Use your actual DOB!

Your DOB Matters!  Each player of Astro Gods will have a different experience based upon their birth dates.  So, for instance, you may be more powerful fighting on Mars today, but your friend with a different DOB may want to avoid Mars.  He/she will be more powerful on Venus because of his/her specific DOB.

Choose your Hero!

Choose from 1 of 4 Gladiator Heros.  Each hero has specific powers, attacks, and attributes.  This will be your hero that will conquer the solar system!

Game Play

Home Screen

The home screen puts you in the middle of the Astro Gods world.  From the home screen, you can go to the Shrine, Armory, Market, or jump into the vortex to wage battle in the Solar System.

Shrine of the Gods

Visit the gods for acquiring powers you can use for battle. If the god is favoring you can purchase the power with coins, if not, you’ll have to use gems or fight to acquire the item.

Bow before the Astro Gods at the Shrine Screen
Astro Gods barracks screen


Learn more powerful attacks for the weapons you possess. When a new attack becomes available select the attack and train.  The barracks will help you prepare for battle.


In the market you can purchase weapons, armor, convert gem into coins or purchase gems. On the upper left part of the screen you can select weapons, armor or currency. When you select a weapon or armor you can see how the boost your traits at the lower left corner of the screen.

Engage in Battle!

The Solar System

After jumping into the Vortex from the main screen, you will be able to choose which planet you want to engage.  Remember, based on your DOB, you will do better on certain planets than others on certain days throughout the year.  The goal is to conquer each planet, and the Sun, and win favor among the Gods.

Battle Screen

During a battle there are 2 bars (Health and Stamina) shown at the upper left part of the screen. When your turn starts have 3 options Attack, Powers and Run. Selecting the attack button will show the different attack moves you can use on your enemy. The Powers button shows the different powers you can use in battle and the run button is if you want to leave the battle. What’s important to understand in this game is your trait levels directly affect your abilities during a battle. The Power Trait influences the amount of damage you can make on your opponent. The Intellect trait influences the Accuracy of your hits. The Mood Trait influences the stamina recharge rate and influence the damage received during battle.

Astro Gods Battle Screen for Mobile App