Who are the Gods?

In the beginning, there were Gods; beings with great power who ruled our solar system. The Gods created their planets and stars.  But they needed help to protect their creations.

And so, the Gods created Gladiators. These Gladiators were created to destroy any enemies of the Gods.

Through tests and challenges the Gods gave each Gladiator specific strengths, knowledge, and compassion; a life-force.  The Gladiators, respected, and honored their Gods.  But, they didn’t understand the language of the Gods.

While the Gods tested them constantly, the Gladiators always struggled to understand their place in the Solar System. Why would some of their challenges be difficult, and yet other times easy?

Why was their Lifeforce always changing? “There must be an answer,” they thought.  Why did the Gods create them? Obedience and bravery were a part of each Gladiators’ character, so they would never dare question the Gods.

Rumors among the Gladiators spread.

What do they want?

The key to understanding the Gods’ languages was to unlock the ancient magic of Astrology. Through Astrology, they could start to understand the Gods, and finally understand their purpose. This teaching was said to exist on ancient scrolls that were hidden and dispersed not just throughout the Solar System – but some Gods believe – the entire Universe.

Even though the Gods have created the Gladiators to be the protectors of the Solar System, secretly, alliances among the Gods are materializing.  Remember, the Gods not only represent individual planets and celestial bodies, but they also represent Constellations.  The scrolls hold the key to which God controls which Constellation.  Battles between the Gods are inevitable.  The Gladiators have no idea how important the scrolls are.

And so, the Gladiators remain puzzled. Why would the gods need our help in the first place? After all they are all powerful.  Regardless of this question, a Gladiators’ duty is to accept these crusades and obey their Gods. Still in the back of every Gladiators mind was a suspicion about the gods motives.  The Gladiators will have to figure out for themselves the message of each scroll collected during their missions.

A great battle is coming.

Perhaps the Gods of the Solar System are NOT working together, as the Gladiators were led to believe.  Is this all a rouse?  Which Gods can be trusted?  Which Gods have noble intentions and motives?  In time, the Gladiators will have to work together to uncover the truth of their existence.  And together, perhaps they will become Gods themselves.

Pride and Honor run through Gladiator veins like angry, rapid, rivers.  And as they continue to gain strength with each battle, nobody – including the Gods – will take those qualities away from them.  The Gladiators will not bend a knee to Gods with dishonorable and malicious intentions.

So the great battle is coming.  Choices will have to be made, and the scrolls will provide answers.  A search for these scrolls is underway – even if they don’t exist.  But like everything in the Universe, the unknown is what drives intelligent life.  This is the only way.  This is the Crusade of the Gladiators.