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Conquer each planet and vow to protect each from harm


Astro Gods RPG is a mobile fantasy game unlike any other, offering a unique game play experience personalized for every player. This singular gaming experience derives from a user’s date, time and location of birth, that varies day-to-day depending on the real-time celestial movements of the sun, planets, and the moon.

Accumulate XP as you battle the Gods on each of the Celestial Bodies in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the Sun— or stay on Earth to fight against other players within the game. Improve your main character traits: Power, Intellect and Mood— all effected by your daily horoscope and real-time planetary positioning— by choosing battles on Celestial Bodies that are favorable to you that day. Overcome the effects of Major negative astrological events by entering The Sanctuary, where you can improve your Stress and Recovery Rates. Purchase Premium Weapons or try your luck by asking The Gods for a favor.

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What Gamers Are Saying

This game is incredibly fun! The fact that your character & game play are based on your actual astrological birth chart is pretty cool!

Adrian Ray Adrian Ray

This game is unique! The strategy of the game is based on accurate astrological facts based on your birth chart,! Every day the game varies for each player based on the day and your chart! You’ll never get bored.

Salvador Moore Salvador Moore

I have been looking for a fun astrology game and I finally found one! If you are into zodiac signs, horoscopes and birth charts, you’ll love playing this game on the daily! Love the character art!

Sam Fields Sam Fields

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